Cascade is scalable, flexible model of creative experiential education. The Cascade programme aims to promote collaboration and convergence amongst young people, students and graduates from different creative disciplines to test and respond to the creative opportunities offered by cross-disciplinary working and new technologies.

Delivered in partnership with highly respected practitioners from across the cultural and creative industries including; architecture, interiors, moving image, graphic design, interactive design and illustration. The cascade programme offers inspiration and insight, practical advice and first-hand experience of multi-disciplinary project development in an intensive 5-7 day workshops, creating a unique and diverse network for young creative’s for
future collaboration.

Cascade supports both personal and professional growth. It challenges traditional models, processes and formats, and encourages innovation, exploration, open participation, and cooperative and the development of new and exciting ways of creative thinking and working.

onedotzero create distinctive events, producing culturally significant experiences: merging arts, entertainment and technology to thrilling effect.

onedotzero is a cultural leader curating and producing memorable and engaging events, exhibitions and experiences.

Bringing art, entertainment and technology together to thrilling effect, onedotzero’s skills encompass commissioning, production, consulting, public and private events, content development, publishing and education.

Our commitment and credibility is applied with deep curatorial experience to create sensory experiences that are on-brand, current and instill a sense of true excitement around digital culture.