Team + Practitioners

Each cascade workshop is led by core onedotzero members and a specially selected group of professionals and practitioners from relevant industries.

Sophie Walter

As onedotzero’s Managing Director, Sophie is responsible for the operational aspect of onedotzero, including the management and development of the team and running the studio.

Sophie has over ten years experience in account management and production of new media projects; including film, motion graphics and art installations for some of the UK’s most prestigious design companies including Digit, Imagination and Moving Brands. As the senior producer at imagination, Sophie was responsible for the delivery of all media content worldwide, working closely with overseas offices in North America and Asia.

Sophie has been an advisor for Camberwell Arts College, working specifically on bridging the gap between the educational and commercial worlds. Her work at Digit and Imagination has won numerous awards including: BAFTA, BIMA’s [2005 Best of Show], Design Week Awards, D+AD.

Shane Walter

Shane Walter is the CEO and Creative Director of onedotzero. He co-founded onedotzero in 1996 and directed 10 years of onedotzero festivals around the world. onedotzero has since evolved into a cultural agency which produces culturally significant experiences that merge arts, entertainment and technology. Shane continues to be a regular speaker, presenter, chair and jury member for international film festivals, design conferences, agencies, colleges and awards. He has authored three books and co-curated Decode: Digital Design Sensations at the V+A Museum, CAFA Beijing and the Garage Moscow.

onedotzero_cascade 2008

Wieden + Kennedy
Moving Brands
Rachel Gilmore
Jason Bruges Studio
Matthew Hawkins

onedotzero_cascade 2009

Glue Isobar
ohn Nussey

onedotzero_cascade 2010

John Nussey
ellicar + Lewis
arren Hart + Sharona Sassoon

onedotzero_cascade 2011

Ogilvy Labs
Wayne Hemingway

onedotzero_cascade_beijing 2011


onedotzero_cascade_za 2014

Richard Hogg
Nathan Gates
Yuri Suzuki

onedotzero_cascade_za 2015

Di Mainstone
Ling Tan

quotes from cascade partners

“onedotzero delivered a highly successful cascade programme in South Africa in September 2014 as a part of the British Council Connect ZA. They demonstrated an understanding of how to effectively engage young people in an educational programme that pushed participants to investigate new ways of working, including collaboratively, digitally and across creative disciplines. we were impressed by the progress participants made within the space of a week and we could see the tangible benefits of cascade.” Owen Martin, British Council, 2014

“The collaboration with onedotzero and Connect ZA has been unbelievably interesting and cool and I didn’t expect it to be this wild.”
Tegan Bristow, Lecturer in Interactive Digital Media, WITs University, Johannesburg

“It’s not often you get the opportunity for professionals and a mix of different graduates to come together”
Mark Cridge, Glue London, 2009

“Glue are really excited to be working with onedotzero, whose work we’ve followed and admired for many years! The cascade collaboration is a particularly pertinent one for us as an agency, as it supports our long-term strategic involvement in education – a key aspect of glue’s agency vision and such a critical part of how the industry will evolve in years to come. Our sponsorship of cascade will see some of our most senior talent from design, development, superglue, planning and creative, involved in every aspect of the programme. So it’s great for our team to get involved and hopefully we’ll find some stars of the future along the way”
Jo Hagger, Managing Director, Glue London, 2009

“The value of understanding the power of collaboration can not be underestimated”
Rhiannon James, D+AD, 2009

“D+AD Education has already identified a need for a greater focus on inter-disciplinary working in creative education and is in the process of reviewing its programmes to incorporate this. So the opportunity to work with onedotzero on cascade_09 was a perfect fit in terms of the aims of the project. D+AD and onedotzero have many goals in common and going forward we hope to work closely together on some of those goals. As well as cascade_09 we are currently working together on a brief for the 2010 Student Awards.
Laura Woodroffe, Director of Education and Professional Development, D+AD, 2009

“It is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with such a dynamic organisation as onedotzero, with their partners BFI Southbank, and relating to issues that are multi-disciplinary and pan-global. The University of Westminster and P3 look forward to developing the relationship with onedotzero to engage new and existing audiences with immersive arts, culture, and entertainment alongside new collaborative education platforms!”
Kate Heron, Head of Architecture and Director, P3, 2009

quotes from our cascade participants

“It was a challenging and revealing experience in terms of group dynamics and work flow…I learnt a lot about the way creative minds behave and relate to each other under certain conditions.”
Gustavo Guerrero, Advertising graduate, 2010

“It’s a great way of learning how different people work. Being in my university group a lot of people had the same mentalities”
Matt Jones, Interactive Design graduate, 2009

“I was more involved with VCD subjects. Seeing things like spatial design and architecture and working with those students is a whole new way of thinking”
James Northcote, Illustration student, 2009

“I learnt so many things about just working with people in a group. It doesn’t have to be so formal and structured. It can just be really playful and fun.” Tasmin Jade Donaldson, Interaction Design student, 2014

“Thank you! It was an incredible week filled with loads of learning and fun.”
Carly Whitaker, wearable technologist, 2014

“Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I learnt a lot and am very happy to have been apart of the workshop. The entire experience wouldn’t have been possible without you guys!”
Chrisantha Chetty, Fine Art student, 2014

“It’s made me much less of an ignorant person. I’ve learnt so much, I’ve learnt that collaborating really changes the world. I’ve learnt that sometimes you just have to let things go and listen to what other people have to say about it and then eventually you all group together and have one central idea…I feel like after this I’m a much better artist, I understand interaction better and also the visual effects of things, how to visualise an artist’s idea and make it interactive.”
Lala Crafford, Interactive Digital Media student, 2014

“It expanded the vocabulary of my practice in terms of how I think of my work and how I engage with different people.”
Sandile Redabe, public artist, 2014